Inspired by our rich racing pedigree, Vantage GT is the most dramatic expression of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage ever created. We took the beauty, dynamics and athleticism of our iconic sports car and produced a unique and compelling special edition across five unique exterior specifications.

Thrilling performance is matched with a comprehensive specification to create a unique but accessible experience. Intense, exciting, compelling GT has been created to deliver pure driving excitement.

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Dramatic colors. Intense styling. Vantage GT celebrates our heritage with a playful twist. With an audacious side graphic and optional GT Graphics Pack inspired by our GT4 racecars Vantage GT is styled to evoke the drama and intensity of the racetrack.
Grille surround, mirror caps, rear diffuser blade and, on Coupe, roofline are adorned with contrasting colors based on a chosen exterior color scheme. Sporting brake caliper colors are available to add further visual distinction. Available in five color combinations within both Coupe and Roadster formats, Vantage GT is simply unmissable.


Along with color comes purposeful dark finishes. Adorning both the front grille and window surround of Vantage GT they combine with optional lightweight graphite grey wheels, again inspired by the CC100, as dark features balance bold liveries.
A motorsport-infused character is underscored by renowned Aston Martin craftsmanship and expertise. Each specification has been designed by our world-leading design team and features authentic materials and hand-crafted quality.


Inside as out, GT is designed to leave an impression. Both quickening the heart and raising a smile thanks to an interior environment that weaves together race-bred materials and tactile finishes, GT delivers a focused sporting ambience.


The magnificent 4.7liter V8 unit which sits at the heart of Vantage GT produces 430bhp with searing performance and a defined sense of purpose. Positioned as low as possible to improve cornering and stability, this same V8 engine powers all our GTE and GT4 race cars with only minimal specification changes.


For a truly nimble sports car experience comes the choice between six-speed manual gearbox or paddle-operated seven-speed Sportshift II automated manual transmission. So whether purist, or motorsport thrill-seeker Vantage GT fits to your life.


A stiff aluminium core underpins a weight saving structure of composite materials. Compact in form and perfect in weight-distribution, Vantage GT is a lithe and honed athlete. With startling agility derived from quick-ratio steering, sports suspension and sophisticated stability control systems this is a car of supreme confidence and control