Designing a more luxurious and more refined Rapide would have been a phenomenal achievement. Engineering a more powerful Rapide would have seen us take our industry leading technology to new heights. But we didnt settle on one, we did something incredible, we did both.

The result is an Aston Martin with more power and more luxury. An Aston Martin with the power of luxury, Rapide S.

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Rapide S is the most powerful four-door Aston Martin ever produced. We combined breakthrough technology with our advanced engineering to create a new generation of engine – the 6.0 litre AM29 V12. The most advanced engine in our history. Technology from the race track delivers unprecedented performance figures; a top speed of 203 mph, a 0-60 mph time of just 4.2 secs and 552 bhp of power, a staggering 18% increase on the first generation Rapide.


The latest Bosch Engine Management system is introduced to the 2015 Rapide S. Advanced electronics communicate thousands of times a second with the AM29 engine and Touchtronic III transmission to precisely control engine performance and improve fuel efficiency.Utilising two control units, each monitoring six engine cylinders, this meticulous data and performance management technology brings a new level of engineering excellence to Rapide S.


Lighter but more effective our engineers worked to produce an all-new torque tube to transfer power from the AM29 engine to the Touchtronic III gearbox.

A unique new outer case design produced a 2kg weight saving whilst reducing driveline noise and vibration felt by passengers.


Drive energy produced by the AM29 engine is multiplied by the new Touchtronic III gearbox but youll only feel it when it hits the road. We wanted a higher top speed and faster acceleration, we achieved both with a final drive ratio of 2.73:1.

This longer ratio is perfectly matched to the wider spread of ratios produced by the eight-speed gearbox, the result more power and more usable power.


Rapide S features an all new design and an all new AM29 engine. That’s not all, the 2015 Rapide S has seen us develop our world-renonwed VH architecture even further.

With more power, more performance, more dynamic unbelievably this is the stiffest Rapide S weve ever made. Our industry-leading VH architecture is now 3% stiffer, improving the ability of Rapide S to absorb road changes and maximising the feelings of driver control and involvement.


A revised 2015 Rapide S braking system increases front brake disc size from 390mm to 400mm and increases front disc plates to 11.15mm. Combined with a retuned ‘Brake Booster’ delivering a stronger ‘brake bite’ as you commence braking our comprehensive brake improvements reduce fade and enhance pedal feel.


The 2015 Rapide S includes our hi-tech Gen4 Adaptive Damping. Allowing the driver to choose between three modes; Normal Sport and Track, each delivering a unique driving experience. Controlled at the push of a real glass button, feedback is instant and the changes immediate, meaning Rapide S can move effortlessly from luxurious GT to assertive sporting performance.


We knew creating Rapide S would be a challenge. We wanted improvements in styling, performance and customer personalisation, but we didn’t start with our previous model, we went back to the beginning. This process delivered a Rapide S that is more assertive than ever before. Our engineers delivered where our designers demanded, meaning the Rapide S is unbelievably pure compared to our original design.


The Aston Martin grille is world-renowned, instantly recognised and instantly respected. Rapide S goes further, we designed an assertive new full-face grille as a bold reimagining of our time honoured design cue. Machined by hand from aluminium, this imposing grille gives Rapide S an inimitable front profile. But we didnt stop there, our engineers ensured that this new grille doesnt only look stunning, its also the largest production grille in the world to meet pedestrian protection requirements.